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For this site redesign we focused on creating a space that embodies Lookout’s brand more consistently and describes customer problems as well as product offerings. As highlighted below, our process and execution was informed by an improved content strategy & story architecture.

Team: Trey D'Antonio, Johanna Tannerfors, Larry Johnson, Andrew Gucwa, Maya Irvine, Christa Seabolt, Ben Sorensen, Elise Granados, Alex Pytlarz, and John Whitmore.

– Early in our process, we illustrated a visual narrative to strengthen Lookout’s story. As the messaging evolved, so did the visual form and style.

– We intended our design to be adaptable, contemporary, comprehensive yet intuitive and familiar.

– Throughout the site, we placed emphasizes on detail pages that clearly explained Lookout’s product offering to its core audience.

– Beyond its product offerings, Lookout provides rich, insightful material to individuals and third-parties. With that in mind, we constructed this page to feature relevant news stories as well as resources readily accessible to anyone.

– Our interaction design team meticulously reworked Lookout’s site architecture and its hierarchical system, allowing for better navigation, interactivity, and user experience.

I’m a designer specializing in identity systems, user interface and interaction design. Along with design, I’m passionate about craft and technology. I seek to delight others by delivering elegant yet purposeful work that elicits emotions and stimulates the mind. Connect with me through Email or via LinkedIn.

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