PyTorch Mobile

This is a simple application that illustrates how PyTorch C++ libraries function on mobile. PyTorch supports an end-to-end workflow from Python to deployment on iOS and Android. The design expands upon the new identity system, also done at Airlift.


Art Direction, UX & UI Design


Airlift, Pete McClelland, Alex Chen

User Flow & Structure

Because this was a 4-week sprint project, I focused on creating a cohesive navigation flow between the landing screen and the showcase selection screens. I integrated PyTorch’s existing design conventions to guide the user through each demo. The app captures pictures, audio, and text utilizing native phone functionalities. It then processes these inputs, for which I added processing and error states to the flow.

Visual Design Process

I first designed the app as a demo for PyTorch’s 2019 Developer Conference. Complementing my team’s work on the conference’s identity, I leveraged this design system to build the visual language for the app. I integrated the gradient backgrounds and created new elements including type styles, icons, and buttons.