PyTorch Mobile

This is a simple application that illustrates how PyTorch C++ libraries function on iOS, as well as PyTorch Android API. PyTorch supports an end-to-end workflow from Python to deployment on iOS and Android. The design expands upon the new identity system, also done at Airlift.


Art Direction, UX & UI Design


Airlift, Pete McClelland, Alex Chen

User Flow & Structure

This was a 4 weeks sprint project, therefore I focused on establishing a cohesive navigation flow. I built upon established conventions to orient the user and direct their attention to each demo. While utilizing native phone functionalities like the camera and keyboard, all demos had to process the data captured. This added processing and error states, dictating the majority of the flow.

Design Process

This app was first conceived as a demo for PyTorch’s 2019 Developer Conference. The team at Airlift worked on the identity for the conference, having previously worked on redesigning PyTorch’s website. I used this design system to establish the visual language of the app, leveraging the gradient backgrounds and creating new elements like buttons and icons.