Project Rove

Rove is a car sharing service envisioned by Volkswagen Group’s Research and UX team to provide mobility stats that help contextualize the habits and behaviors of drivers. I designed the app to serve a dual role of connecting drivers to available cars and providing them with useful insights, such as driving behavior, mobility modes, car usage, and favorite locations.


Ideation, UX & UI Design



Wireframes and Visual Iterations

The team at Volkswagen shared their vision in the form of rough sketches and post-it notes. At first, the idea was to plug other car sharing services into the app and focus on the data tracking aspect. For each flow (search, renting a car, finding stats) I created patterns and visual cues to make the user aware of when and what information was being tracked. I focused on crafting a visually utilitarian service that refreshed the VW brand style while referencing its classic elements, including its people-centric, flexible, and blue color palette.